Tech Support


At EFI we have a full support team who will deal with any problem you encounter, there is the option of sending an email which will get a swift reply, a phone call if you wish to deal with someone personally or the answer you are looking for may be in one of our online manuals.

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The EFI website has a small range of online manuals currently but this is being expanded regularly.

Engineering Services
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EFI has a well trained and experienced engineering team who will help on site or over the phone depending on the problem.

Service and Repairs
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EFI will try and deal with any service and repairs queries you might have. Getting in contact with us on our Contact Us page will help you do this.

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When you order a control panel with EFI when it is set up you can request training to be given.

If you'vehad the controllers for a while and wish for a refreshers course this can also be arranged.

Terms and Conditions
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EFI's terms and conditions page.