EFI - Water Flow Monitering

Water Flow Monitoring

At EFI we work closely with Mouldflo Systems to supply and develop Water Flow Monitering Systems that accurately and quickly update giving instant readouts that are readable on our controller top boxes. This allows the user to see how much water is flowing and also the current temperature of the water, avoiding the mould reaching a temperature that is too high.

Our systems include:

  • A high precision read out that is recorded and extractable
  • A real time read out of current flow temperature and velocity
  • A more controlled system for greater control over your product
  • An alarm system which can stop the moulding machine if selected

    This hi-tech approach allows data to also be sent back to EFI data specialists in the case of a malfunction and will result in an extremely fast response time to the issue at hand. Being able to use the extracted data in this way can shorten the amount of downtime, from discovering an issue to sorting the problem out. This can be faster than sending out an engineer to diagnose the problem.