CM8 Controllers

The CM8 system is a proven range of hot runner temperature controllers. Designed for injection mould tools in the range 12 to 256 zones, the CM8 incorporates a straight forward mechanical approach to improve reliability with advanced software techniques to provide class leading control and features. 

These include:

  • 12 to more than 256 zones
  • Modular card format: 3.15A , 16A or 32A cards
  • Large impact resistant colour touchscreen
  • Supplied with ultra tough conduits
  • Connectors wired to customer standard
  • USB, smartphone, network & Wifi capable
  • For 12 zones or less click here for the CM8 Mini
Software Features
  • Easy to understand and simple to operate
  • Full Diagnostic suite and trouble shooting tools
  • History logs and downloadable reports via USB
  • Optional real time waterflow monitoring for ultimate tool protection

The pictures below show the recent EMF testing we have had done on the CM8 including the New Top Box.

  • Controller and Top Box
  • Controller and Top Box EMF results  

  • EN61000-4-4
  • EN6000-4-4 Results for static

  • EN61000-4-5 EN6000-4-5 Results
  • EN6000-4-5 Results. The picture here shows the results for the Top Box and the Controller, they were given an A rating. This means it was tested to ensure that it did not interrupt whilst 2000 Volts was being put though it.