EFI - Industries


  • Up to date water flow monitoring.

EFI Controllers work in conjunction with Mouldflo devices to display and monitor water flows and temperatures. Alarm setpoints can be set up to alert users of any issues with the flow rates and temperatures.

  • Real time alarm monitoring.

Alarms can be set up and parameters adjusted to monitor the running of a tool. If the temperatures or average power usage, of a tool, go out of tolerance an alarm will trigger. Different alarm options can be selected, from just an on screen alert to shutting down the controller, depending on what setup is required.

  • Production traceability.

EFI controllers can monitor individual accounts. Customers can setup a user database which shows who has logged on. This is all displayed in the Data Logs and is exportable to a computer. These logs cannot be edited on the controller, so no one can tamper with them.

Our controllers can also record any alarms that are triggered and state why the alarm was activated.

  • 12 months data logging.

EFI controllers will record data continuously for 12 months. After this time the data will be overwritten by new data, but always to one year. This data can be exported at any time to a PC and archived.

  • High precision temperature control.

EFI controllers are able to display temperatures to 0.1 Degrees. if a tool is perfectly balanced the most fluctuation we would expect to see is 0.2 to 0.5 degrees. If a thermocouple is damaged or reading incorrectly it will stand out on our controllers display, with the possibility of activating an alarm to save overheating of the tool.