EFI - Automotive


  • Precise real time readouts.

EFI's readouts are refreshed every second and show all the details of what is going on inside your tool. We monitor tip and manifold temperatures, the power output of our controller in percentage, watts or amps, and the size of the heater in ohms, watts or amps. We monitor these results and if they move out of tolerance our alarm will put the controller into a predefined, by you the customer, alarm mode. Either just a message that informs you of the alarm state to stopping the controller completely.

  • Durable for all environments.

EFI Hot Runner Controllers are built to be in factory environments, no matter the condition. Our CM8 cabinets will stand up to the most industrial of plastic injection moulding, they are also suited for clean rooms as they are produced in a clean environment.

  • User friendly, easy to use software.

EFI's touch software is easy to get to grips with. The new software features a help guide that will help anyone through any situation you are likely to encounter in the injection moulding industry.